Custom Hair Mask

Introducing our Custom Hair Mask: Your Personal Hair Lab Experience!

Welcome to the ultimate hair care customization journey with our Custom Hair Mask. Crafted with love and care, this unique product empowers you to tailor-make your own hair treatment by choosing 3 out of our 10 exclusive "Mask Enhancers." Each enhancer is meticulously formulated to target specific hair concerns, providing a personalized touch to your hair care routine.

Included in your Custom Hair Mask kit is a jar filled with our signature mask base, handmade from scratch by our experts. Alongside the base, you'll receive your chosen 3 mask enhancers, carefully selected to address your hair needs. To enhance your customization experience, we provide a reusable mixing spatula for effortless blending.

But why stop there? Elevate your hair care game by exploring our additional enhancer options. You have the choice to add an extra enhancer for $7 or indulge in a bundle of 3 extra enhancers for just $15, allowing you to further refine your hair treatment.

With a diverse range of enhancers such as Growth Boost, HydraNourish, Damage Fix, and more, our Custom Hair Mask caters to all hair types and concerns. Whether you're seeking to control oil production, boost growth, or extend the vibrancy of your hair color, we've got you covered. Checkout your options here:

- Oil Free Mask Enhancer: Controls excess oil production on the scalp.

- Frizz Defense: Tames frizz and promotes smoothness.

- Growth Boost: Nurtures follicles to support hair growth.

- HydraNourish: Hydrates and nourishes hair strands for optimum moisture.

- Soft n Glow: Softens hair texture and enhances shine for a lustrous finish.

- Dandruff Relief: Helps control dandruff and soothes the scalp.

- Damage Fix: Repairs damaged hair and provides essential hydration.

- Purple Toner: Matifies and nourishes blonde or platinum hair for a vibrant look.

- Volume Pro: Enhances volume and adds body to hair for a fuller appearance.

- Color Care: Extends the life of hair colors and treatments for long-lasting vibrancy.

Choose your enhancers wisely to create a customized hair mask that caters to your specific hair needs and preferences.


To enhance the transformative power of your hair care routine, we recommend bundling your Custom Hair Mask with our Repair & Growth Shampoo Bar and Conditioner Bar for an additional $20. This trio of products promises to nurture, repair, and revitalize your hair, ensuring a comprehensive hair care experience.

Embrace the joy of creating your own personalized hair mask, tailored to meet your unique hair needs. Step into your virtual hair lab today and embark on a journey towards healthier, more radiant hair.


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